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Animal World

for Pets, Birds, Ornamental Fish And Accessories


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About Us
  • The largest and oldest showroom in Behaira selling birds, ornamental fish, pets and all accessories, both wholesale and retail.

  • Wide range of the best products for cats, dogs, sparrows, birds, goldfish such as food, accessories, medical products, pet beds and much more.

  • Birds’ food and cages, rare birds and talking parrots.


Animal World is the largest and oldest showroom in Behaira.


Selling birds, ornamental fish, pets and all accessories, both wholesale and retail.

Our Capabilities

All kinds of cats, dogs and related care kits

Birds food and cages, rare birds and parrots

Our Products 
• Various types of cat and dog dry foods. 
• Ornamental fish food.
• Different types of fish tanks.
• Various kinds of pet care supplies.
• Parrots food.
• Lovebirds and sparrows food.
• Wide range of bird cage types.
• Dog and cat houses.
• Pet accessories (collar - hairbrush - toothbrush - food dishes - bell - metal muzzle).
• Kit cat litter sand.

prestige sand

prestige sand:

Best agglomeration and different scents
Prestige cat litter formula with extra absorbency absorbs odor sources, prolonging litter box freshness.

Main advantages:
Ramla consists of black and white granules that activate when wet, creating a dense formation
Does not break off, does not produce dust, does not remain on the claws
Remove the blocks and add the required amount of sand, you will not experience any unpleasant odor, as it is securely closed
Very economical sand, due to its high efficiency, it absorbs triple the amount of liquids
The innovative packing does not allow the granules to absorb moisture from the environment, which prolongs the use of the sand.
Processed from the finest types of white bentonite

Pet Dry Food
Pets, Birds & Ornamental Fish Supplies
Dry Food prigo Economical price and high quality

Prigo Food / Prego Care is 100% complete and balanced nutrition developed using selected high-quality ingredients to give your cat the meals he loves and needs. 

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